Lobby and Office

Student Lounge and Study Area

Cafe and Stage

Physical Section Model
1" = 2' 0"

Urban Design Proposal and Site Plan

Building Plans

Building Sections

Myer's Place

An engaging community center for young Jewish adults in Savannah

This studio focused on the 15,000 s.f. historic Standard Express Company Livery Building in Savannah. The site is located in one of the most important areas in the U.S. to Jewish history and immediately adjacent to an interstate exit ramp being demolished to recapture the land under it for new urban development. In exploring a new use for the Livery Building the studio developed critical design thinking to create a contemporary intervention with modern materials and assemblies into a historic context that can fulfill the program for the desired while creatively linking the past with the future.

Options I Studio: Historic Preservation
Fall 2014
Historic Preservation Design
Jack Pyburn
601 Cohen Street, Savannah, GA