Gallery 2

Second Floor

Outdoor Terrace

X-Ray Axonometric

Axonometric Section I

Axonometric Section II

Conceptual DIagrams

Street View

Rear View

Sidewalk View

Exterior Entrance View

Baltimore Museum of Art

The studio guided a specific kind of thinking, which began from the design of interior micro environments to larger interior macro environments, influencing the exterior form and skin of the building. The gathering, constructing, and rigorous analysis of personalized artifacts led to an individually conceived and formulated public program, which incorporates spaces for display and public viewing. This collection, or taxonomy, form the content for the project as well. The taxonomies were grouped and organized into themes to design appropriate 3-dimensional spaces to showcase each artifact or grouping. Following these preliminary design exercises, traditional strategies of circulation and spatial sequencing were explored, tying these conceived spaces together into a coherent architectural form within the city. This sequencing of design focus from interior to exterior allowed for a comprehensive building design.

Core Studio III
Spring 2014
Displaying the Marvelous: Taxonomies & Collected Environments
Volkan Alkanoglu